Technical Backbone


Tang Fei, graduated from Nanjing Tech University, urban planner,leader of Design Office Ⅰ.

Organizd the preparation of a number projects of master plan, detailed plan, underground space special planning, civil air defense engineering planning and urban design, in charge of projects as Yingkou, Panjin, Zunyi, Taiyuan, and other cities and gained good acclaim.

– “What an ideal job is? Harmonious working environment,strong corporate culture, reasonable salary …… The most important treatment is a planner can incessant explore his potential, enhance the comprehensive ability.All can be achieved in Wislong. ”


Xiao Qiufeng,urban planners,registered protection engineer, leader of Design Office Ⅱ.

Has organized or participated in regulatory planning, special planning of underground space,air defense engineering planning of a number of cities like Wuhan, Nanjing, Yangzhou, Zhuhai,etc..

Gained provincial awards twice.

– “I’ve worked together with Wislong for 9 years, from a newcomer designer to a skilled planner now,improving my professional skill step by step.Persisting in one job for 9 years is not so easy, just believe in yourself and give yourself a suitable location.This is your stage. ”


Tian Ye, resource management and urban planning management, intermediate engineers. leader of Design Office Ⅲ.

Has organized and prepared regulatory detailed planning,underground space planning, civil air defense projects planning, detailed planning of civil air defense projects and other projects of many cities such as Beijing, Nanjing, Tianjin, Jinan.

-“With Wislong for many years, we work together, struggle together, we have been full speed ahead towards a bright future.we established our good team, with our firm belief in charge. Treasure every opportunity to meet every challenge. ”



Wang Haifeng, urban planning, intermediate urban planners, registered urban planner.

Has organized and participated in the preparation of special planning of underground space, air defense projects planning, regulatory plan of air defence engineering and architectural design projects involving Dalian, Linping of Hangzhou, Dongying, Jinan and other cities. Won 1 provincial awards.

“Planning is full of challenges and opportunities, our ability improves during these years.Wislong provides us with a broad development platform to realize our dreams.”


Zhang Zhifeng, landscape design with South Korean Master’s degree,engineer.

Has participated in the preparation of urban landscape planning and design, urban guidelines in South Korea. Has undertake master plan, detailed plan, green space system planning and landscape planning, construction and other projects planned by the sea in Jiangsu, Anhui, Henan and other provinces and cities,participated in the preparation of underground space planning and regulatory detailed planning for Shanxi Province, Yangzhou, Panjin and other place as the main technical staff after returning homeland.

-. “I have a kind of sense of returning to the familiar after my entry in Wislong 2 years ago,just like an old friend along for years,colleague’s enthusiasm, trust, leaders’ pro-attitude, team unity, I will continue to fight in Wislong harmonious atmosphere! “