Earthquake Disaster Prevention Planning

  1. earthquake disaster prevention planning for Lianyungang (2013-2030)

The area include Xinpu, Haizhou, Lianyun, Xuwei and other regions, namely Lianyungang construction land (built-up areas) range, a total of 240 square kilometers.


Emergency shelter plans of Lianyungang

  1. Emergency Shelters Plan for Wanshan Park of Danyang

Wanshan Park emergency shelters located in Danyang,west to Danqijin Road, east to the Seven Road, north to Wanshan Road (vanilla River) and Park Road, South to Silk Road, the scope of land 18 hectares, with a effective evacuation area of 48700 square meters on the ground, 17 000 square meters underground.


Disaster Emergency shed layout for Wanshan Park of Danyang

  1. urban earthquake disaster prevention planning for Guanyun (2012-2030)

Planning Scope: south of North Ring Road, east of the old Jingle River, north of Tugou River Road, west of new State Road 204, with a total planned area of 63.15 square kilometers.


Disaster relief resources distribution for Guanyun