In early September, the first regulatory detailed planning of undergrond space in Nanjing(Hunan Road Area, Maigaoqiao Area) project in the open tender, Wislong in the
domestic and more planning and design units in the fierce bidding, with a wealth of experience in the project, mature technology, complete the program won the first

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2015 is the last year of “Twelfth Five-Year”, this year, the metro rapid transit system development speed and scale has been top of the world, whereby the associated upstream and downstream industries, has become paradigm of promote the field of urban underground space development of the industry, promote industrial development, and promote the effective supply, driving the effective growth of the typical in China.This is positive for the period “rapid development of urbanization, underground infrastructure construction is lagging behind” provided an opportunity to Chinese urban construction and industrial development of underground space.

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July 26, 2016, Zhuhai City Civil Air Defense Office organized the consultative conference for” The Master Plan of Air Defence Engineering for Zhuhai (2016 Amendment) for comments. Nanjing Wislong Urban Planning Design Co.,Ltd. report to experts, leaders of various government departments as Zhuhai Hengqin New Area, Xiangzhou, Golden Bay, Doumen District Office and other leaders on the plan. Continue reading


March 14, 2016, Nanjing South Metro Management Committee held an internal review about  underground space & Pipe Gallery and other programs.secretary of Qinhuai District, director of South Metro Management Committee, party secretary Cao Lubao presided the meeting, Zheng Song deputy director made a keynote speech on progress planning. Continue reading


2016 New Year, Autonomous Region  Civil Air Defense Office held publicize and implement training sessions in Urumqi to promote civil air defense construction towards three regional-level local technical regulations leapfrog development. we invited three experts from the PLA University of Science & Technology, Nanjing Wislong Urban Planning Design Continue reading


December 30, 2015, Yingkou Air Defense Office hosted the ” The Master Plan of Underground Space Utilization for Certral Area of Yingkou (2013-2030)” and ” The Master Plan of Air Defence Engineering for Yingkou (2013-2030)” (hereinafter “two plan”) appraisal meeting in Yingkou City.Two plan were prepared by Research Center for Underground Space of PLA University of Science & Technology and Nanjing Wislong Urban Planning Design Co.,Ltd..

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December 15, 2015, Fu Yang, director of Nanjing Air Defense Bureau , Xu Liguo,deputy director of Nanjing Air Defense Bureau row to the South Metro South Metro management committee to investigate,and listened to the introduction of the South Metro Colonel Field Committee (safflower airport) relocation progress,low-carbon ecological demonstration city, high-speed rail hub economic zone, green and humanistic wisdom, etc., PLA University of Science & Technology report the outcome of underground space and air defense engineering planning of the Southern District Core (Colonel Field Airport views unit).

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December 21, 2015, the review team by the Jiangsu Provincial National Defense Science and Industry Office Wu Xiasheng director, National Defense Science and Industry Office in Nanjing Zhang Lei and other provincial and municipal leaders and experts reviewed Nanjing Wislong Urban Planning Design Co.,Ltd. involved in military Business Consulting Services secrecy security conditions.Review Group reviewed seven segments such as confidentiality, the confidential places, equipment and archives, after the verification, scored 93 points by on-site review of successful assessment, immediate apply for acceding to”military-related Business Consulting Services unit record list. ” proposed by National Defense Science and Industry Bureau.

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Commissioned by the Chinese Society for Rock Mechanics and Engineering Underground Space Branch, the report is jointly compiled by 2 Institutions—Nanjing Wislong Urban Planning Design Co.,Ltd. and Research Center for Underground Space of PLA University of Science & Technology. The report relies on their own research and database, collected, sorted networks and other media to the public, modified five times, lasted eight months to complete the compilation. The report is the first comprehensive and systematic introduction to research Chinese urban underground space development, the preparation of the system and research is domestic initiative.

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