The Master Plan of Air Defence Engineering for Certral Area of Yangzhou passed the expert review

December 22, 2015, Jiangsu Civil Defense Bureau hosted the Accreditation conference for “Yangzhou City People’s air defense engineering planning (2014-2020)” in Yangzhou.Nanjing Wislong Urban Planning Design Co.,Ltd. on behalf of the project team reported and answering.

评审会现场发表意见Accreditation conference 参会专家组成员Experts group

Review group consisting of Shu Yu,Li Hongqing and other well-known experts in the field of air defense, underground space, urban planning reviewed after careful argument, agreed that the planning and research data, compiled on the basis of fully, technical route science, planning concepts were innovative, planning content was rich, layout was reasonable size, the implementation was feasible, integrated the latest research results in air defense engineering and underground space, disaster prevention and contingency planning, The experts and leaders agreed to the plan approval.

参会民防局领导Civil Defense Bureau 评审会现场表决通过评审Voting through the assessment

The conference was organized by Jiang Tao, the section chief of Jiangsu Civil Defence Bureau Engineering Department, the Secretary of Yangzhou Civil Defense Bureau Maqun delivered the keynote speech, Deputy Secretary of Jiangsu Civil Defence Qin Zhengbao attended the review meeting, and made important instructions concise for the development of air defense.Leaders from related departments such as Jiangsu Jiangsu Civil Defence Bureau, Yangzhou Civil Defense Bureau attended the meeting.


Review document

Source: Wislong text: Xiao Qiufeng Photography: Tian Ye