“2014 China Urban Underground Space Development Report • White Paper”Description

10 years into the new century, with the improvement of economic and social development of China, urban development and utilization of underground space has made remarkable achievements, which has been the international advanced in the number and area.However, in terms of land transport, development and utilization of benefits and efficiency, just as academician Qian Qihu pointed out: “Our country is big but not powerful country of the development and utilization of underground space.”

2014 is the critical year of the development of urban underground space from the “increase” to “orderly” transition.”New National Urbanization Plan (2014- 2020)”, as a programmatic document to promote the development of new urbanization published in March 2014, proposed “overall planning of ground and underground space development”, “establish and improve the coordination mechanism of underground space exploitation”, “scientific and orderly promotion of urban rail transit construction ” and ” implementation of common ditch “and other important initiatives for comprehensive development and utilization of urban underground space resources,to deal with” pie “style urban development model and ” disorderly development of urban space, excessive population concentration, emphasis on economic development and urban construction, rather than environmental protection “, and increasingly prominent traffic congestion caused by increasing of urban motorization rate, urban stagnation floods and other” urban disease “.

In this context we entrust Research Center for Underground Space of PLA University of Science & Technology and Nanjing Wislong Urban Planning Design Co.,Ltd. to compile “2014 China Urban Underground Space Development Report · White Paper” ,which have long-term commitmented to urban underground space theory and practice and made great achievements in the field of urban underground space.The report compiled by dozens of people from that two institutions, modified five times, took eight months, submited in early March 2015 as preliminary results, basically completed in June after several correction by experts.A copy of the public version of the report publish to the community at the same time by “Chinese Society for Rock Mechanics and Engineering(www.csrme.com) “, “China Urban Planning Society(www.planning.org.cn)”, “The Office Civil Air Defence of the People’s Republic of China(www.ccad.gov.cn)” and other network platform of domestic academic institutions.

Reprinted from: Chinese underground space network(www.csueus.com)

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