Wuhan underwater Parking-(

It is the first underwater parking in Hubei Province. The project is located under a artificial lake named Quartet lake in Wuhan teenagers palace. The total land area is 15,204 square meters, of which the public parking area is 13,482.75 square meters for 389 parking spaces.


(1)Nanjing Yangtze River Tunnel-(

This project is one of the longest tunnel length, maximum diameter shield, highest engineering difficulty, most challenging works under Yangtze River, located between Nanjing Yangtze River 1st Bridge and 3rd Bridge, connecting Hexi New District – middle Bar – Pukou District. The left line applied on at 10 o’clock on May 20, 2009.

南京长江隧道-( Yangtze River Tunnel – ( 南京长江隧道-( Yangtze River Tunnel – (

(2)Xinjiekou subway station

Xinjiekou station is the largest subway station in Asia, located in Xinjiekou that known as “Chinese First Circle”, transfer station for Nanjing Metro Line 1 and Metro Line 2, a total of 24 outlet (No. 17 and 18 are not planned, No.19 is reserved outlets).

新街口地铁换乘示意图-( subway transfer schematic – ( 新街口地铁站24个出入口-( entrances of Xinjiekou subway station – (

(3)Youth Olympic axis underground Interchange-(

“Youth Olympic axis” include Meizizhou Tunnel, Riverside Avenue tunnel and underground space . Meizaizhou tunnel, Riverside Avenue tunnel and ramp staggered vertical overlap to form a complex underground interchange structure, with a total construction area of 55,000 square meters. It is the largest underground interchange hub.

青奥轴地下立交-news.house365.comYouth Olympic axis underground interchange 青奥轴线地下空间剖面图 cross-sectional view of underground space of Youth Olympic axis
地下空间平面示意图-( Space plan view – ( 青奥轴线地下交通示意图--( Olympic axis underground transport schematic – (
青奥轴地下三层立交效果图-( Olympic axis underground interchange renderings – ( 青奥轴地下三层立交结构示意图--( Olympic axis underground interchange structure diagram – (


(1)500kV Jing’an underground substation

500kV Jing’an substation in Shanghai World Expo is the largest and most advanced underground substation, also the first multi-voltage 500kV underground terminal, the construction scale is biggest of similar projects in the country.


Construction of Jing’an 500 kV (Expo) substation – (


Construction Site

国际大电网绝缘电缆专委会(CIGRE SC B1)2011年技术研讨会代表们参观上海静安500kV变电站

CIGRE committee insulated cables (CIGRE SC B1) 2011 Technical Symposium representatives visited Shanghai Jing’an 500kV substation

(2)Hongqiao Hub

Hongqiao hub is an integrated transport hub of aviation, railway, subway, light rail, bus and taxi, with a total area of over 1.3 million square meters, about three times Tiananmen Square;

Including the five subway lines connecting terminal, high-speed rail, magnetic levitation and the east and west traffic center, the transport hub has 64 kinds of connections, 56 kinds of transfer mode ; ( Shanghai Hongqiao Integrated Transport Hub Planning and Design .pdf)

Including underground space of over 500,000 square meters, it is the country and the world’s largest underground space complex;

A major thoroughfare communicating with five plates is 9.5 meters deeply under the ground, about 1 kilometers long and 100 meters wide. Along the underground thoroughfare, it costs about 10 minutes to go to Hongqiao Station from the new terminal. – (


Hongqiao hub plan – (


Hongqiao transport hub diagram (Source: Liberation Daily)


Shenzhen Futian integrated transport hub project

The project is located in Shennan Avenue and Nanshan Road intersection, is the largest in China and Asia, the world’s fastest train station through underground. – (

As the first underground railway station in heart of the city, it set the high-speed rail, intercity rail, urban rail transit, bus and car and other transportation facilities in one of a variety of three-dimensional integrated transport hub, with a total length of 1120 meters, width of 80 meters, a total of 8 lines and 4 station platform. – (



Fukuda station overlooking renderings


Futian Station layered effect diagram


Basement one


HSR waiting layer


Underground three for the high-speed rail platform layer


Underground tunnel photo at 30m deep