Underground Space Planning

Underground space planning and design is the most competitive service areas. adhering to the rigorous, innovative, pioneering spirit, it has been extended to the detailed planning of underground space planning, urban design, architectural design and other fields after years of exploration.

(1) The master plan of underground space utilization

The master plan of underground space utilization diagnose problems for cities at macro level diagnostic facing, in order to determine the solutions and direction of development of underground space; Coordinating urban underground space layout, reasonably arranging important underground facilities such as underground transport, public services and municipal construction.

图1 嘉兴市中心城区地下空间开发利用规划

Figure 1. The Master Plan of Underground Space Utilization for Certral Area of Jiaxing

图2 嘉兴市老城区地下空间控制性详细规划

Figure 2.The Regulatory Plan Of Underground Space For Old Town of Jiaxing  

图3 杭州临平新城核心区地下空间城市设计

Figure 3. Urban Design Of Underground Space For Central Area of LinPing,Hangzhou

(4) Underground Architecture Design

Including underground architecture and underground commercial street design, based on practicality, economy, landscape, customizeding the most valuable solutions for our customer.

图4 芜湖玻璃厂地块地下建筑初步方案设计


Figure 4. The Preliminary Architecture Concept Design for Wuhu Guanghua Glass Manufactory Area

图5 盐城市建军路地下商业街建筑方案设计


Figure 5. Architectural Design for Yancheng Jianjun Road Underground Shopping