2015 China Urban Underground Space Development Report (Blue Book) issued

2015 is the last year of “Twelfth Five-Year”, this year, the metro rapid transit system development speed and scale has been top of the world, whereby the associated upstream and downstream industries, has become paradigm of promote the field of urban underground space development of the industry, promote industrial development, and promote the effective supply, driving the effective growth of the typical in China.This is positive for the period “rapid development of urbanization, underground infrastructure construction is lagging behind” provided an opportunity to Chinese urban construction and industrial development of underground space.2015, Chinese government issued urban underground space directly promote industrial development policy documents for the city’s comprehensive pipe gallery, parking facilities , policy documents like “steady growth, promoting reform, structural adjustment, benefit people’s livelihood” and “promote the consumption structure upgrading and new consumption leading role in the life of service ” and other related industries are also requirements” in conformity with the urban planning, full use of underground space resources, synchronized extension of underground space in the planned construction of the metro cities, develop convenience service.”

The 2015 annual report is in the framework of ideas and technology roadmap in 2014,with a professional view, analyse industry trends, discriminate industry structure, clarify the thrust, carried out some exploration on the content in the form of presentation style, elements composition and other aspects. The report determine the compiling principles “objective and rational, independent innovation, clear source,information sharing”, therefore, report data collected job is complicated and trivial, from the beginning of 2015-2016 years continued, To secure report not subject to the published time limit of economic and social development information data of each city, writing group sync up to outcome the current scale after endless discussion. Report of architecture, although thirsty, but the expression, elaborate ideas,depth of content analysis is still inadequate, now draw support from by urban underground space-related industry line sites, dedication to the community, we fortunate to removal of references by practitioners and followers.

Since the beginning of October of 2015 , “China Urban Underground Space Development Report” (Public Version) released in Urban Planning Society of China, China Rock Mechanics and Engineering Society and other official website, had get widespread concern in society, then urban underground space industry-related websites reproduced , a number of media and institutions contact the report writing group through various channels, consultation, contact information and intellectual property related matters.Thanks for teachers of Tongji University Press taking the time among numerous network, agreed to publish the report the first time. Therefore, this rush for a small minority of self-entertainment, had the opportunity to to share information and experience accumulated over the years our perspective by a traditional referral.

About the title, since the 2014 annual report only published online for the present, there is no intention to publish, Although the name White Paper is generic for the printing, but does have overstepped too. Thus, the 2015 annual report changed its name to the “Blue Book.”

About the content, due to 2015 annual report have been prepared on the idea of ​​change, a lot more than the 2014, to improve the quality of published works for the market, the public version of the content is in concluding text and graphics which is more readable. In addition to retain more data analysis, process analysis and biography in the printed version,and a”Urban Underground Space Planning Technical Guide” annexed to the report, for the exchange of relevant practitioners shared use.

When the publication of the public version, the print manuscript has deliver to Tongji University Press published subsequently. Stay tuned.

Download:2015 China Urban Underground Space Development Report (Blue Book)