Wislong won the regulatory detailed planning of undergrond space of the first open tender in Nanjing

In early September, the first regulatory detailed planning of undergrond space in Nanjing(Hunan Road Area, Maigaoqiao Area) project in the open tender, Wislong in the
domestic and more planning and design units in the fierce bidding, with a wealth of experience in the project, mature technology, complete the program won the first

The bid is the second won the provincial capital city landmark area of underground space control regulations following Hangzhou, reflecting Wislong in the urban
underground space planning areas intelligence team strength, technical level and market competitiveness.

Source:Wislong Cooperation and Development Department Text: Zhang Zhifeng
Key words: underground space development, detailed planning, subway station comprehensive utilization, underground control regulation, Hunan Road-Shanxi Road Business
Circle, Maigaoqiao Area, Nanjing Metro