Publicizing for 3″ measures “of Air Defence Engineering for Xinjiang People’s Air Defense successfully hold and got responded enthusiastically from the city civil air defense sector

2016 New Year, Autonomous Region  Civil Air Defense Office held publicize and implement training sessions in Urumqi to promote civil air defense construction towards three regional-level local technical regulations leapfrog development. we invited three experts from the PLA University of Science & Technology, Nanjing Wislong Urban Planning Design Co.,Ltd. to preach on the main content of three “measures” and people’s air defense reform and development trend of the new era.about 40 people from the city civil air defense sector autonomous air defense associations and the relevant design units participated in the Publicizing .


Publicizing site


Zang Xiaojun, deputy director of Civil Air Defense Office mobilization speech

Autonomous Region People’s Air Defense Office intends recently promulgated the “City People’s air defense engineering planning measures” ,”civil air defense construction planning Configuration Implementation Measures” and “urban underground space utilization planning-cum-civil air defense measures” (the “three” measures “” ) is implementing the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, the Central Military Commission under the “Decision on further promote the reform and development of civil air defense some problems” and promoting “civil air defense construction and economic and social integration of development” in the background, commissioned by Nanjing Wislong Urban Planning Design Co.,Ltd., Research Center for Underground Space of PLA University of Science & Technology,will lead the region to develop guidance to comprehensively promote the reform and development of civil air defense, regulate urban planning and construction of air defense projects and urban underground space utilization of regional-level local technical regulations.

Zang Xiaojun, deputy director of Civil Air Defense Office stated: “three” measures “to solve the basic problems of specification missing , co-ordinate the development and utilization of urban underground space and further strengthen the people’s air defense peacetime management. He asked civil defense departments at all levels should be” no legal authorization not to, legal responsibility must fully carry out the work according to the law of civil air defense construction management in accordance with regulations. ”


Utilization of underground space development preaching site



Liu Hong and other people participant in Publicizing

Participants had a full learning and exchange, the publicizing achieve the desired purpose, a warm response, a complete success.

Source: The air defense office

Edit & photography: Tian Ye