Nanjing Military Airport Area Underground Space Planning pass the internal review by Nanjing South Metro Management Committee

March 14, 2016, Nanjing South Metro Management Committee held an internal review about  underground space & Pipe Gallery and other programs.secretary of Qinhuai District, director of South Metro Management Committee, party secretary Cao Lubao presided the meeting, Zheng Song deputy director made a keynote speech on progress planning.The meeting begin with reported by Prepared Group of the ” Urban Underground Planning for Nanjing Military Airport Area ” for the planning stage outcomes,PLA University of Science & Technology professor Chen Zhilong answered the heavy and difficult question about the plan .

The plan raise “overall development +4 major feature,” “overall development” means “two transfer stations and communication with both sides of the runway fusion plots overall development of underground space, ” “4 major feature” include “Compound and agglomerate underground public space, three-dimensional integration of the underground pedestrian system, efficient and convenient underground garage network; integrated and coordinated system of peacetime and wartime. “Plan to Build Military Airport Area a “three-dimensional ecological city” by the overall program and 4 major feature.


Listening to reports


Secretary Cao Lubao made important directive

South Metro Management Committee leaders agreed the underground space planning objectives and program content after the report.

Cao Lubao made important directive that one current top priority is to accelerate planning of underground space,underground space development should be combined with the requirements of construction and development needs of the region, the development of appropriate and rational distribution, strengthen communication, composite use, a reasonable layout, indicators of scientific, economic and feasible program of action to build Nanjing “economic hub platform”, “three-dimensional ecological city”.


Leaders raise suggestions on planning

Finally, secretary Cao Lubao required detailed and in-depth research on planning and management, development of underground space reservations and airport runways, rail transportation and social parking layout.

Leaders of General Office, Planning Department, Engineering Department, the Treasury offices of Nanjing South Metro Management Committee attended the meeting.

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Edit: Xiao Qiufeng      Photography: Zhang Zhifeng