Liaoyang Planning Leading Group’s Inspection in Nanjing

In mid-April 2015, the plannings leading group of “The  Master Plan of Underground Space Utilization for Liaoyang” and “The Master Plan of Air Defence Engineering for Liaoyang” (hereinafter “two planning”) came to Nanjing to inspect the preparation of the “two plannings”.

辽阳市两规划编制领导小组莅宁调研讨论会现场2discussion & exchange of views in seminar site 辽阳市两规划编制领导小组莅宁调研讨论会现场discussion & exchange of views in seminar site

To further enhance the technical level of the “two plannings” prepared, promote the “two plannings” successfully completed as planned preparation expert review results.Leaders and experts from Liaoyang Air Defense Office, Finance Bureau, Liaoyang Planning Institute participated in the discussion of the expedition.That is an important exchange of the “two plannings” to enter the assessment phase, the participating leaders and experts praised the preparation of the “two plannings” after the brief,and put forward the insufficient and other aspects of adjustment.During the inspection, the leading group conducted a special exchange on urban underground space development and construction of civil defence engineering with Chen Zhilong,which is the professor of PLA University of Science & Technology and academic leader in the field of underground space and civil defence engineering planning.

(Source: Nanjing Wislong Urban Planning Design Co.,Ltd.
Editor:Wang Haifeng)